Quality Amish Furniture
You Pick. We Build & Ship.

You Pick. We Build & Ship.

Furniture Glides

Made of felt that’s fused to a sturdy backing, Furniture Glides protect floors from being scratched or scraped by chair legs or other pieces of furniture. So, they make great additions to your dining chairs, dining table, bar stools and other items of furniture that reside on tile or wooden floors.


Furniture Glides by E-Amish

Why furniture glides from E-Amish? They’re a vital accessory to our top-quality, Amish-made furniture pieces. Amish cabinetmakers handcraft each item of furniture. Also, they use top hardwoods and other quality materials. So we can assure you of heirloom-quality furniture. What’s more, we have a large selection of dining room furniture. This means you’ll find the pieces that are just right for your home. Also, we provide your chosen item(s) of furniture fast. You pick. We ship in a flash!

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