Quality Amish Furniture
You Pick. We Build & Ship.

You Pick. We Build & Ship.

Heirloom-quality Amish Furniture
Widest assortment. Just a click away!
Heirloom-quality Amish Furniture
Widest assortment. Just a click away!
Heirloom-quality Amish Furniture
Widest assortment. Just a click away!
Heirloom-quality Amish Furniture
Widest assortment. Just a click away!
Heirloom-quality Amish Furniture
Widest assortment. Just a click away!
Heirloom-quality Amish Furniture
Widest assortment. Just a click away!
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Top-Quality Furniture

Our furniture showroom is the home of top-quality furniture made by numerous Mennonite and Amish cabinetmakers and other artisans. Most of our builders operate cabinetmaking shops in Northern Indiana and North-Central Ohio.

In addition, our craftsmen use solid hardwoods — such as oak, maple, cherry and hickory. What’s more, they use top-quality hardware. As a result, you won’t find bargain materials. Like manufactured wood (MDF), particle board and veneered cardboard. Also, our Amish builders do not use nails and brads in furniture.

Our Amish craftsmen make each item of furniture with their hands, some modern tools and the skills and techniques handed down from their ancestors. This is why they utilize dovetail joints in drawers. In addition, they use mortise-and-tenon joinery, stretcher-based chairs and countersunk screws.

So it’s little wonder Amish furniture is renowned for great looks, superior quality, practicality and long life. In fact, families often pass their pieces down to the next generation.

E-Amish Furniture also offers a variety of designs to buy online. They include Country, Mission, Shaker and Queen Anne.

So enjoy browsing our vast selection of top-quality handcrafted furniture. And rest assured that the pieces you order — for your home or office — are at the best price possible and with the fastest delivery time in the industry.

Buy Amish Furniture at an Affordable Price

E-Amish Furniture is an Amish furniture company specializing in solid hardwood products. Our diverse team of Mennonite and Amish craftsmen utilizes their artisanal skills to create beautiful furniture that will last for generations.

Most of E-Amish’s products originate from cabinetmaking shops in Northern Indiana and North-Central Ohio. Our professional craftsmen utilize quality wood such as oak, maple, cherry, and hickory, proving durable furniture that’s aesthetically pleasing.

One of the unique aspects of our Amish furniture is that it is built without the use of nilas or brads. Our team seeks to preserve the tools and skills that have been handed down from generation to generation and to honor the traditional methods of Amish craftsmanship. By utilizing methods such as dovetail joints in drawers, mortise-and-tendon joinery, stretcher-based chairs, and countersunk screws, we honor those who have gone before us without sacrificing quality or function.

The timeless design of E-Amish Furniture has resulted in our beautiful pieces being passed down as heirloom furniture, moving from one generation to the next.

Available in Country, Mission, Shaker, and Queen Anne designs, we are certain to have a product you can enjoy for years to come. Whether you’re looking for yourself or trying to find the perfect gift, browse our vast selection of Amish furniture to find the perfect and timeless answer to your needs.

Online Purchasing

E-Amish furniture can easily be purchased online, offering everyone access to our beautiful selection of hand-crafted products. When browsing our online store, simply choose the piece you want, add it to your shopping cart, and confirm your purchase, we will build and ship your product! We believe everyone should have access to quality furniture!

Made in the Heart of Amish Country

E-Amish furniture is “Made in the Heart of Amish Country”, and to us, that’s more than a slogan. It’s a core value. Our business model emphasizes and depends on close family ties and relationships with numerous Amish furniture builders across Nothern Indiana and North-Central Ohio. For these individuals, furniture making isn’t just their livelihood, it’s a way to honor and connect with the traditions of their heritage. We take furniture seriously because it’s not just what we do, it’s who we are. 
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