Quality Amish Furniture
You Pick. We Build & Ship.

You Pick. We Build & Ship.

Brown Maple Furniture

Brown maple is simply the center portion – called the heartwood – of maple trees. It gets its name because the heartwood becomes darker that the surrounding sapwood. And this accounts for brown maple having a unique combination of colors. Such as streaks of brown, tan, white, and cream. Also, our artisans enhance these colors with different finishes.  No wonder savvy furniture buyers choose Brown Maple Furniture from E-Amish!


Beautiful Maple Furniture from E-Amish Furniture

What’s so special about E-Amish Furniture? Our goal is to supply you with top-quality Amish furniture at the best price possible and with the fastest delivery time in the industry. So, this is why we offer such a vast array of ready-to-ship Amish furniture. You pick. We build and ship.

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