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Maple Furniture: Light Classic

The furniture in your home should reflect your style. For some, that might mean warm and inviting. For others, that might mean traditional and timeless. However, maple furniture is a perfect choice for those who want both. Beautiful, versatile, and a true classic, maple wood serves well in many capacities. Let’s examine the ins and outs of maple furniture and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Recognizing Maple Grain

The appearance of maple varies depending on its species. Over 100 types of maple trees exist. Common varieties include hard maple (or sugar maple), black maple, red maple, and silver maple. While most maple varieties are located in Asia, 13 are native to the United States. The most common maple wood is hard maple, sourced from the sugar maple tree.

Located in the outer rings of the slow-growing, tall tree, hard maple showcases a strong, close grain. It is typically light in color with dark brown or black “bird’s eye” markings left by nutrient tunnels in the wood. The hardwood towards the tree’s center is slightly darker than the outer hardwood.

Why Does Maple Wood Make Good Furniture?

Maple is beautiful, but why does it make good furniture? The primary advantages of maple furniture include the following.

  • Heavy-Duty

True to its name, hard maple is extremely sturdy. This makes it excellent for building heavy-duty, long-lasting furniture. Its tight grain and durability provide natural protection against chips, scratches, and splinters. Craftsmen can easily saw, glue, carve, and steam maple wood. It is shock-proof and carries sound well. Consequently, it also makes great tools, wooden toys, musical instruments, and more! Durable and versatile, maple offers a popular choice for most wood products.

  • Easy to Color

Because hardwood has such a tight grain, it does not typically absorb stains or paint well. However, because maple is so naturally light, it is easy to darken or paint. The ability to change its color and finish makes it even more versatile.

  • Low-Maintenance

Maple requires little maintenance because it is naturally non-toxic, durable, and easy to seal or polish. Instead of worrying that your furniture will become damaged or ruined, you can sit back and enjoy making memories on your maple pieces.

  • Inexpensive

One appealing benefit of maple wood is its price. The vast number of maple tree species makes maple fairly common and inexpensive to source. Maple furniture offers a cost-effective alternative. to furniture made from rarer, more exotic woods.

Drawbacks of Maple

Although it is timeless and cost-effective, maple is not particularly unique in appearance. If you prefer a trendier look, untreated maple might not meet your expectations. However, its light color can change appearance to look like other, more exotic woods with the right stain and carpentry. Remember that although it is easy to color, maple’s tight grain sometimes makes it difficult to absorb the color evenly. Color variations are common after staining, although many prefer that look to a perfect, even coat.

Additionally, maple pieces can be combined with modern looks to provide a “trendy classic” style in your home. The possibilities are endless!

Tips for Caring for Your Maple Furniture

While maple wood is relatively low-maintenance, every wood type benefits from proper care and cleaning. Ensure the longevity of your maple piece by employing these maintenance steps.

1. Protect from excessive moisture.

This tip is not specific to maple. All wooden furniture should be protected from moisture. Sealing your maple furniture prevents moisture from the air, cups, spills, etc., from expanding and bubbling the wood. Consider placing a dehumidifier near your wooden furniture if you live in a humid area. Dry spills quickly.

2. Periodically wipe down and clean.

A little dusting goes a long way. If you choose to deep-clean your wooden furniture, use a wood-safe cleaner, and dry the piece thoroughly after cleaning.

3. Seal or polish the exterior for extra protection from chips and scratches.

Although maple is naturally durable, a hard sealant adds an extra layer of protection against scratches and other marks.

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