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Cherry Furniture: Deep Beauty

Cherry wood has long been a staple in furniture building. Its warm, inviting color, durable grain, and environmental friendliness make it the perfect wood for any furniture project. If you are considering cherry furniture for your home, office, or anywhere else, learn why it might be your perfect fit!

How does cherry wood get its color?

First things first: cherry wood is a hardwood sourced from the American Black Cherry tree. These trees are located primarily along the East Coast and take 5-10 years to mature and produce fruit. 

As with most woods, cherry wood’s color varies depending on the tree’s age and environment. Typically, pale pink cherry wood is harvested from a younger tree, while wood with a warmer, redder hue is harvested from an older tree. Once harvested, the wood tends to darken over several years. Prolonged sun exposure encourages this darkening process and can turn pink cherry into reddish brown in as little as half a year.

Like maple, hickory, and many other woods, the pattern of cherry wood’s grain varies from tree to tree. Generally, the grain is straight, smooth, and subtle.

Why Cherry Furniture Never Goes Out of Style

We’ve all seen the home decor and furniture trends come and go, yet cherry wood never seems to go out of style. There are several reasons cherry wood remains a tried and true classic.

  • Timeless Durability 

Have you ever wondered what exactly makes a piece “timeless?” Durability is usually your answer. The stronger and sturdier a piece is, the more likely it is to be passed down through generations. Consequently, the same durable materials are seen throughout history, making those materials appear classic and timeless to future generations. Cherry wood is naturally strong and durable, making it a popular wood choice for furniture for those in the past, present, and future.

  • Warm, Rich Tone 

Trends change, and colors rise and fall in popularity. However, the warmness of cherry wood remains inviting even as fads and styles change. Warm, rich colors naturally make a space more inviting, and who doesn’t want to feel cozy and comforted in their home or office? Additionally, because cherry wood changes color over time, it makes a space feel warmer and richer the longer it resides there.

  • Flexible Style 

Light-colored cherry wood absorbs stains and polishes well without sacrificing the pattern of the grain. Additionally, the wood itself is very workable. As a result, both the shape and the color of cherry wood can be adapted to fit modern (or classic) trends. This versatility makes cherry wood an excellent resource for any building project or style.

  • Sustainable and Eco-Friendly 

One major benefit of using cherry wood is that it is environmentally friendly. The durable wood lasts longer and is less likely to end up in a landfill than modern, synthetic wood. Additionally, Black Cherry trees can be replaced as quickly as they are sourced.

Cherry Wood Maintenance: Steps to Take

To maximize your cherry furniture’s lifespan and keep it looking brand new, we recommend you employ the following tips.

1. Protective Polish 

Polish doesn’t mean stain! Even if you do not want to change your furniture’s color, a clear, protective polish helps preserve the wood’s natural grain and protects against scratches and other damage. 

2. Regular Cleaning 

Keep your cherry furniture looking brand new with a simple dry cloth and wood-friendly cleaner. Dusting protects your wood, and a high-quality cleaner prevents harsh chemicals from wearing down the finish.

3. Moisture Protection 

Cherry furniture should be carefully protected from excessive moisture as with all woods. Use coasters on tables and nightstands, avoid windows where moisture condensates, and dry spills immediately.

Is cherry wood cost-effective?

Cherry wood is extremely popular due to its many benefits, and with that popularity comes a higher price tag. The initial expense is higher than other woods. However, because the lifespan of cherry furniture is so long, it makes a wonderful investment. The quality will serve you well if you plan to keep a piece for many years.

Looking for Cherry Furniture?

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