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Hickory Furniture: Reliable Strength

If you’re searching for durable, long-lasting furniture to invest in, hickory provides a great option. Whether you want indoor or outdoor furniture, beds, tables, or dressers, hickory furniture offers many advantages. Let’s take a closer look at what makes hickory so strong, what it looks like, and why its versatility makes it a good investment.

What Does Hickory Look Like?

Like most woods, hickory ranges in color and appearance. When left unstained, it is typically golden or light brown but can also take on a reddish tint. Because hickory is a hardwood (wood derived from an angiosperm), it features a beautiful grain from where the water and nutrients traveled throughout the tree’s maturation. Hickory is incredibly hard and durable, making it a traditional, timeless, and classic choice for heirloom furniture.

Advantages of Hickory Furniture

Why is hickory such a popular choice for handcrafted furniture? The benefits of building with hickory include the following:

  • Durability

As mentioned, hickory is hard and durable. A hickory tree takes over a decade to fully mature and produce fruit. This slow, steady growth produces tough wood able to withstand harsh weather in the wild – or young children and active pets in the home.

  • Natural Rustic Charm

Hickory has long been a resource for builders worldwide, giving it a familiar, timeless appearance in the eyes of many. This natural charm lends itself to many home decor styles. Rustic, vintage, or modern, hickory probably fits well into your creative vision for your home.

  • Water-Resistance

No wood is completely waterproof. However, comparatively speaking, hickory is surprisingly water-resistant. Its tight, hard grain offers a layer of protection against moisture, making it a good choice for homes in humid climates.

  • Long Lifespan

Hard, durable, water-resistant, and difficult to scratch, hickory has one of the longest lifespans on the market. If you want to invest in a quality furniture piece, hickory will serve you for many years.

Other Uses for Hickory

Hickory is incredibly versatile, making it one of the top hardwood choices for countless carpentry projects. Common uses for hickory include the following:

  • Smoking Meat

If you have ever tasted hickory-smoked bacon or pork, you know that hickory is virtually unmatched in the flavor department. Its bold, smoky flavor makes it a top choice for professional and home chefs.

  • Flooring

If furniture takes a beating in the average home, flooring bears even more of the load. Consequently, hickory works extremely well as flooring. Its strength and durability pose a worthy opponent to heavy foot traffic.

  • Tools

Hickory-handled tools are popular amongst carpenters, and for good reason. The natural strength of hickory absorbs shock well, and its stiffness prevents the handle from bending or splintering. The long, straight grain of hickory also makes it easy to carve into straight, tough handles.

  • Canes

Straight, strong, and supportive, a hickory cane is just as reliable as a hickory-handled tool.

  • Firewood

Hickory makes excellent firewood due to its high heat and low smoke output. It burns slowly but provides plenty of warmth, making it cost-effective and efficient.

  • Cabinetry

Hickory cabinetry is rustic and beautiful and provides sturdiness and protection to a kitchen. Timeless and stunning, hickory cabinets simply never go out of style.  

Caring for Your Hickory Furniture

Although hickory is naturally durable and long-lasting, all woods thrive with proper care and maintenance. To ensure your hickory furniture lives a long life, employ these tips.

  • Dust often.

It is rare for a person to enjoy dusting. However, dusting your hickory furniture regularly protects the grain from looking neglected and old. Simply run a dry cloth along the grain to loosen dust and debris from the crevices.

  • Avoid direct sunlight.

Unless you want your hickory to naturally lighten and change pattern over time, avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight. The light bleaches the wood and changes its overall look. Of course, if you like how this natural process affects the hickory’s appearance, you might choose to keep it in the sunlight!

  • Protect from moisture.

Although fairly water-resistant, like most woods, hickory must be protected from excessive moisture. Humidity in the air or water spills can seep into the wood and expand, warping the furniture or leading to mold accumulation. If you live in a humid climate, consider placing a dehumidifier in any room with hickory furniture. If a drink spills on the hickory, dry it promptly.

  • Wipe and polish periodically.

Occasional, gentle cleaning with wood-safe cleaning products helps preserve and protect your hickory furniture. If you choose a stained hickory, polish it periodically to enhance the color.

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