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What Makes Amish Furniture Different?

Amish furniture is known for its quality and durability. What sets it apart from other types of furniture? The Amish culture has existed since the 17th century, but it wasn’t widely recognized until the late 19th century. They live in rural communities and follow religious principles. Many of their homes are built using simple tools and materials. The concept of simplicity is held highly in these communities, even today. Amish furniture is typically handcrafted, meaning each piece is unique and handmade. This means that every piece requires much time and effort. It also means that each piece is made by skilled craftsmen who take pride in creating high-quality pieces. There are several characteristics of Amish furniture which differentiate them from traditional or modern furniture making.

A Brief History of the Amish

The Amish arrived in the United States in the 1700s after breaking away from the European Mennonites. With them, they brought the values of simplicity, community, and hard work. Though the misconception that the Amish reject technology altogether runs rampant, these communities are rather selective about the technology that they use. Technology, if used at all, is used to serve the community rather than for self-entertainment. Today, there are over 261,000 Amish people in the United States.

Senior craftsman working with planer on wooden pole in his workshop

Amish Wood Working Techniques

The Amish began making furniture purely as a practical skill. Since their contact with the outside world was minimal, they needed to be able to craft furniture for their homes on their own. Handcrafted wood furniture became popular outside of Amish communities in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Amish craftsmanship reflects the Amish principles of simplicity and functionality. This type of furniture is often identified by its simple and elegant appearance. Clean lines and soft, tapered curves define many of their furniture pieces. The Lexington Bedroom Set perfectly displays the simplicity and softness of Amish designs.

The process of creating and building Amish furniture is equally as beautiful as its design. Since the Amish primarily work without technology or electricity, they use traditional woodworking techniques that have been passed down for generations. Though technology use is restricted, Amish woodworkers may use some compressor power tools, which allow them to work faster while maintaining high levels of quality. Amish furniture is made almost entirely by hand.

Another interesting aspect of Amish-made furniture construction is that they do not use nails or screws to hold their furniture pieces together. Rather, these woodworkers use non-toxic adhesive or wood joinery techniques to create their sturdy furniture. Without using nails or staples, the Amish can reduce their reliance on technology and create stronger furniture.

What’s the Difference Between Amish Furniture and Mass-Produced Furniture?

Most mass-produced furniture pieces you may see are built using plastic and covered in a wood veneer. These materials need to be replaced often and are not biodegradable. This can be hazardous for your home and the environment. This type of modern furniture may be stylish right now, but it does not stand the test of time.

Amish-made furniture, on the other hand, is sturdy, built to last, and high-quality. Amish furniture is solid wood like oak, cherry, or maple. Additionally, this type of furniture production is sustainable. Since these pieces are American-made, there is less need to burn fossil fuels for overseas shipping. The non-toxic finish and adhesives also contribute to this furniture’s sustainability. Amish furniture pieces of all styles are heirloom quality and timeless, so they fit in almost every home!

Amish furniture is unique, hand-crafted, and high-quality. Whether you are in the market for a new dining room or bedroom set or office furniture, E-Amish Furniture has you covered. Browse our wide selection of Amish furniture today!

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