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Quarter-Sawn Oak Furniture

The term ‘quarter-sawn oak furniture’ means that craftsmen first slice the oak log into four wedges. Then, they cut the boards in equal widths running from the center of the log toward the bark. As a result, the wood’s annual rings intersect each board roughly at a 90 degree angle. So why go through the trouble to saw the log in this way? Because it resists warping and splitting. It’s also more stable than plain-sawn wood. What’s more, the wood expands and contracts less than plain-sawn wood. Due to the strength and stability of this cut of lumber, our Amish craftsmen build lots of furniture from quarter-sawn oak. Check ’em out.


Fine Oak Furniture from E-Amish Furniture

Quarter-sawn furniture has lots of advantages over plain-sawn oak. For example, the wood has a straighter, more even grain pattern than plain-sawn wood. This is because the lumber shows the side view of the annual rings. Also, the wood’s ray cells display a wavy, ribbon-like pattern called ray fleck. This is why cabinetmakers use quarter-sawn wood for decorative paneling and fine furniture. But, this cut of lumber incurs more waste of the log. So, quarter-sawn lumber is more expensive than plain-sawn. But given its many advantages, quarter-sawn furniture is well favored by furniture lovers.

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