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You Pick. We Build & Ship.

Storage Chests

For centuries, storage chests — including cedar chests and blanket chests — have occupied a prominent place in the home. And now, Hardwood Blanket and Cedar Chests should take a prominent place in yours. Because they’re ideal for storing blankets, plus priceless heirlooms and memorabilia. So check out the elegant chests below. And see which one best fits your needs and desires.


Storage Chests from E-Amish Furniture

Wooden chests are reminiscent of an era past. Yet, they store items for a future date. So the chests occupy a unique spot in every home. Make yours extra special. Lovingly place your precious keepsakes into a cedar chest or blanket chest from E-Amish Furniture. So check out our large selection. Amish artisans build each one. Also, they use old-world construction methods to ensure authenticity, durability and beauty. From the wood selection to the finishing process, the Amish design each cedar chest to hold your cherished treasures. And also to become a cherished piece for generations to come.

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