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You Pick. We Build & Ship.

Additional Bedroom Chests

Mule Dressers and Chests from E-Amish Furniture represent the ultimate bedroom storage solution. You’ll want a wood mule chest if you need lots of drawer storage space. Or, a wood chifforobe chest will suit you better if you need both drawer space and hanging closets. Our mule chests and chifforobes come in a wide variety of styles and designs. So you’ll be able to match up the piece you choose with your existing furniture. Also, Amish craftsmen build each piece from solid hardwoods. That’s your assurance of top quality and long life. So check out our sizable collection below for just the right chests for your home.


Additional Bedroom Chests from E-Amish Furniture

If you’re looking for additional Bedroom Chests, you’re getting ready for big storage. Plus a large footprint. And a sizable investment.

And Additional Bedroom Chests from E-Amish Furniture is your best choice. That’s because the finest Amish craftsmen in the Midwest custom-craft each mule chest and chifferobe. And they use solid hardwoods. Like oak, cherry, maple and hickory. So they’re incredibly sturdy. In fact, with proper care, the piece you buy should serve your family for generations to come. So you’ll be making a wise investment.

Also, our Additional Bedroom Chests come in a variety of styles and designs. Like Shaker and Mission. Plus Arts and Crafts as well as some modern styles. So the piece you choose should complement your other furniture. And add to the beauty and richness of your home.

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