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You Pick. We Build & Ship.

You Pick. We Build & Ship.

Kid's Wooden Rockers

Kids’ Wooden Rockers from E-Amish Furniture provides a fun, practical way for your little ones to rock the time away. Indiana’s finest Amish artisans beautifully craft each child rocker. Also, the Amish men use the best regional hardwoods plus traditional woodworking methods. In the process, they create wood child rockers that are durable and exhibit timeless style. Also, the rockers are sturdy. So you can plan on the unit you choose becoming a family heirloom. Have fun browsing our collection for the toy that will rock your child’s world.


Kids’ Wooden Rockers from E-Amish Furniture

Our collection of wooden rockers includes rocking horses, airplane rockers and upholstered glider ottomans. So the question is, which will be the rocker of choice for your kids? Difficult choice. You may order your favorite rocker(s) from our sizable collection. And enjoy seeing your kids or grandkids rock with glee. Just like you did at their age!

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